Associate Professor of Applied Economics at University of Barcelona and accredited as Full Professor by the Spanish Ministry of Education.

I am member of the Board of Directors of the AQR Research Grup and member of the European Organizing Committee of ERSA. I am Editor of Investigaciones Regionales / Journal of Regional Research and Associate Editor of Regional Science Policy and Practice and sit on the board of other scientific journals.

I work in Regional Science and Urban Economics and I am involved in research programs, including Spanish, Italian, EU Horizon 2020 and OECD projects.


"The short-run relationship between inequality and growth: evidence from OECD regions during the Great Recession"
Vicente Royuela, Paolo Veneri and Raul Ramos 

Regional Studies, vol 53(4), pp 574-586

"On the Influence of Foreign Players on the Success of Football Clubs"
Vicente Royuela, Roberto Gásquez

Journal of Sports Economics 20(5), 718-741.

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