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Full Professor of Applied Economics at University of Barcelona (Spain).

I am member of the Board of Directors of the AQR Research Grup and. I am Editor of Investigaciones Regionales / Journal of Regional Research, Editor of Springer's Series Footprints of Regional Science, and sit on the board of other scientific journals. I work in Regional Science and Urban Economics and I am involved in research programs, including Spanish, Italian, EU Horizon 2020 and OECD projects.


"The effect of labour-market differentials on interregional migration in Spain: a meta-regression analysis"
Maximiliano Álvarez, Vicente Royuela, Journal of Regional Science, 2022, FORTHCOMING


"What drives the spatial wage premium in formal
and informal labor markets? The case of Ecuador
Alessia Matano, Moisés Obaco, Vicente Royuela, Journal of Regional Science, 2020, 60(4), pp. 823–847


What drives migration moves to urban areas in Spain? Evidence from the Great Recession
Melguizo, C., Royuela, V.
Regional Studies, 2020, 54(12), pp. 1680–1693


"Inequality and Employment Resilience: An Analysis of Spanish Municipalities during the Great Recession"
Geelhoedt, F, Royuela, V, Castells-Quintana, D.
International Regional Science Review, 2021, 44(1), 113-141


Residents’ perception and economic impact of bullfighting: the case of Feria del Toro (Olivenza, Spain). Sánchez-Rivero, M., Royuela, V., Franco Solís, A. Current Issues in Tourism, 2021, forthcoming

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